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Instance blocklist for

The Fediverse is a wonderful place ... if you happen to find a space that is welcoming and safe. Since it is decentralised, anyone can set up an instance of their own with the software that is readily available using the ActivityPub API. As a result, and as you can imagine, bad actors turn up all the time. Moderators have to stay on top of things by making sure to catch and mute those bad actors before they can cause chaos and drama.

I've managed to cobble together a list from several sources of instances that are known to cause drama and make the fediverse less safe for non-white, non-straight, non-binary folk. Here is my list. It is a combined list based on stux's list over at, a few from the #fediblock hashtag list, and an old list I found when I was setting up my own list.

I am supplying it here for others in case they want to use my list. Time and motivation willing, I will create a more readable list for this later on but for now, this is just a text file with one domain per line