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👋🏾 Hi, Im @fyrfli

🤓 My real name is Camille Frantz. I was born in 🇯🇲Kingston, Jamaica and am now living in 🇺🇸Missouri, United States with my active duty Military husband and 2 🐕puppers.

😕 I am a programmer who became a system and database administrator, who then did some writing and editing, which then turned into facilitative mediation, which led to a social work degree before I realised my calling was right back where I started neck-deep in code.

👀 I'm curious by nature so I dig deep and learn about all sorts of things. I've taught myself git (just enough to manage my own code through Nova and VSCode), docker (just enough to run a few self-hosted apps including Gitlab), nginx (necessary to host my own websites and a reverse proxy), among other tools and I am currently working on a deeper understanding of frontend coding on 🎓Udemy.

✍🏾 I'm working on a chronicle of my journey from hobby coder to professional web developer and it's hosted on my self-hosted Gitlab.

❤️ When I am not coding, I am playing 🎮video games or 📖reading or 📺binge watching some true crime series or movies. I've also been known to take 📷photographs. I am working on building a 🖼️photo gallery to showcase some of my better pieces. The gallery itself is a sorely neglected work in progress.

👍 Some of my favourite resources are: