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Creating HTML pages with python

Javascript gets a bad rap ... and likely for good reason. Client-side scripting sounds like such a bad in general. So I decided I wanted to learn server-side scripting for web development. It's going to be a looooong journey; likely a LOT longer than a javascript type one anyway ... but I am convinced that it is the best way to go at this point in time.

Python is such a powerful language on its own; that it is usable to automate stuff for web pages too is just too fabulous to pass on this learning experience.

What this rep is

This is a very basic python script which simply reads in a json file with my standard set of quotes, select a random one, insert it into a web page template, and open up a new browser tab with the created file. In the background, a basic stylesheet makes the web page looks nicer than plain, black and white, times new roman standard web page.